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    Coming from small-town Ontario and being old-school in every sense of the word, I enjoy things in life that have true lasting power; pyrex, canning, traditions and, of course, the perfect shot!

    My specialty is Lifestyle Photography …..Weddings, Maternity and Newborns; all the real tear-jerker stuff! Being a lover of all things sentimental, I understand the true importance of capturing those magic moments that make life extraordinary. Extensively trained in newborn posing, safety and natural lighting, I take the well being of your little one (whether it be in the form of a bump, or the baby that’s already made its arrival) with as much care as I would my very own; creating timeless images that capture those fleeting, adorable moments forever.

    I want to create an experience for you that is really enjoyable, and that makes you feel comfortable being in front of the camera. I want to take pictures of you being you! Pictures that you will look back on and remember, not only for the faces and love, but for the fun we had taking them too! I, myself, am a sensitive, romantic soul who has married the man of her dreams. Together we have created three little angels of our own. Living and Loving through our crazy life is an amazing adventure that I am so happy to be a part of. Life passes us by so quickly, it’s important that from time to time we stop to smell the roses and take the poses.

Baby Olivia (Chatham-Kent Ontario, Newborn Photographer)

Sweet Baby Olivia 12 days Fresh (Newborn Photography)

Im so behind on blogging but I love looking back at all these babies that came to visit me! It shows me how far i’ve come and how much I have learned over the last 5 months since sweet Olivia came to see me! I cant wait to look back here in a year from now and grow more! Each and every one of the adorable squishy babies that come through my studio are super special to me.  She had the best squishy cheeks ever this one!!

Newborn_0046 Newborn_0047 Newborn_0048 Newborn_0049 Newborn_0050 Newborn_0051 Newborn_0052 Newborn_0053 Newborn_0054 Newborn_0055 Newborn_0056 Newborn_0057


Final Fall Photo Session Availability (chatham-kent ontario family photographer)

Its that crazy time of year again! After opening up Sundays and rearranging my schedule this is my remaining Fall availability. It may look like alot but it is pretty limited in regards to times and lengths of sessions. Some sessions are only minis some are full hours locations vary due to other scheduled appointments.. Thank you everyone for making this job that I love so amazing! Please Email rebecca@openshutterphotography.com to book or use the sites contact form.

XO Rebecca


October-2014 photo availablily

Baby Everly (chatham-kent ontario newborn photographer)

This little sweetie is going to give her parents a run for their money! She’s a fiery little red head and we saw LOTS of her eyes! But thats ok because they are beautiful.  I was super happy to photograph this amazing milestone for this couple. Their first baby!  I love photographing couples weddings and seeing families grow. Much love to you both and your growing family!

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IMG_4032_babies IMG_4012_babies IMG_4000BW_babies IMG_3767_babies 12OSP_babies

BJ Kivell - So cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair!